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JsonSettings File In Your Project

Most apps require some sort of a settings. Either to remember that last input or have a editable configuration file to alter the way the app works. One of the simpler ways to achieve that is using an existing serializer with some nice C# language features. This is why I gave birth to  JsonSettings . Modular. Abstract. One-Liner. Quick Introduction The need to make it easier and straight forward has yielded the the following line of code: SettingsBag  Settings  =   JsonSettings . Load< SettingsBag >( "config.json" ) . EnableAutosave(); Settings[ "LastUpdate" ]  =   DateTime . Now; Not only that this is already serialized and saved into a readable-editable json file due to calling `EnableAutosave`, `SettingsBag` is made to be used as you go and not get slowed down by adding new properties each and every time. Consider the following approach to even increase productivity. dynamic  Settings  =   JsonSettings . Load< SettingsBag